2018 John Deere X330 Review!

John Deere’s X300 series is seven-tractor lineup that offers 11 options when you add in the size options for mower decks. John Deere dealers are the only ones who sell the X300 series. They do not sell it in stores that carry the E and D series tractors. The S240 sport is a tractor that has some of the same X300 features but is built on the D-series underpinnings. Also Read: Tractor Price in Pakistan

This complicates the tractor hunter’s decisions. The main points to remember are that X300 series tractors have heavier-duty frames and heavier-duty transmissions. They also come with better engines (although the S240 does include Kawasaki power), a beefier deck lift mechanism and, for most, a more comfortable hydrostatic pedal arrangement.

John Deere X300 series tractor MSRPs currently range from $2999, X330, to $6099, X394. Prospective buyers will find overlaps with the X500 series at the top end of the series. Although we have reviewed tractors from both series of tractors, springtime mowing season is still a few months away so we decided to review the X330, which the X300 series starts with.

The X300 tractor comes with a 12 gauge heavier-duty frame than the E and D series. This extra metal and weight carries through and results in a machine that is between 77 and 115 lbs lighter. Kawasaki and Briggs & Stratton are the engines used in X300 tractors. E and D series tractors use Briggs & Stratton powerplants. However, they aren’t as powerful as Intek Cyclonic engines like the X330.

The code 44J6 indicates that the 4-cylinder, 44.2-inch mill produces 20 horsepower. It has electronic ignition and a Cyclonic filter to prevent fine dust particles and premature wear. The dash-mounted levers control the engine RPM and the cold weather choke. The choke spring is loaded so that it returns to the off position immediately after the engine starts. The fuel tank is 3.3 gallons. It is accessible via a large-mouth cap/fill tube located on the left side fender. Also Read: Honda 125 Price in Pakistan

Tuff Torq K46 Hydrostatic (automatic), transmission X330 is non-serviceable. The transmission is non-accessible and has an internal oil filter. It also does not have a fill or drain for the hydraulic fluid. This makes it unsuitable for heavy ground-engaging tasks. Many K46-equipped tractors have many hours left on them, and their owners are equally happy.

Some K46 owners have devised clever ways to drain and replace hydraulic fluid. However, most people who use their tractors for more difficult tasks than they are designed for have done so. The K46’s torque rating is approximately 25% higher than that of the TLT transmissions on E and D-series tractors.

Twin side-by-side pedals on the right footwell allow for control over the infinitely variable 0-5.5 and 0-4mph reverse speeds. This setup is highly praised for its modulation, comfort and intuitive feel. The brake pedal is located above the hydrostatic controls. This pedal is used to stop the tractor from moving by removing one’s foot from the forward or reverse pedal.

Manual steering is used with a 14 inch diameter wheel. John Deere however has managed to achieve near-power steering ease using its heavy-duty sector system and pinion system. The tie rod ends have ball joints and the front steering spindles can be greased. The turn radius is 16″ and the 42-inch deck that the X330 comes equipped with, it equates to a uncut circle of 26″.

The two-piece seat has coil spring suspension and is 15 inches in height. It also offers 7 inches of travel. The hydrostatic control and brake pedals are located in the right footwell. The pedal to raise/lower your mower deck is found in the left footwell (more details below). Both feet are rubber-isolated for your comfort.

The dash has controls for throttle/choke and deck height lock. It also includes cruise control, cruise control, park brake and ignition. There is also a digital readout that displays functions such as fuel level and park brake engagement, system voltage and power take-off engagement. Low fuel levels are indicated by the display blinking. The right fender has a cupholder and a storage tray. The handgrip rails are not present on either fender.

The 2018 John Deere X330 can be matched with the Accel 42″ Deep Mower Deck. This deck is 12-gauge and 2-blade with side discharge. It can be used in conjunction with a single-lever baffle control mulch kit. You can improve the ease of use by adding a spring-assist option to the raise/lower pedal. A rotary knob allows you to adjust the cut height from 1″ up to 4″.

You can also lock the deck in a raised position. The decks on X300 series tractors can also be leveled for side-by, front-to back heights from the operator seat. To keep grass from building up underside, a wash port has been included. The spindles can be greased and have flip-up shields to protect the componentry.

There are three types of blades available: side discharge mowing, bagging and mulching. The mulch kit is installed with the baffle open for side discharge. This means that approximately 1/3 of the material remains mulched. If heavy, wet grass is your only choice, the mulch kits might not be the best option. Also Read: Changan Oshan X7 Price in Pakistan

The X300 tractor is easy to maintain. The hood lifts high enough to reach the Cyclonic air filter and fuel filter. A flexible drain tube with sealer cap with spin-on oil filter and a flexible drain tube for oil changes makes it possible.

The 542 lb. John Deere X330 has 15×6-6 front and 10×8-8 rear turf tires. It measures 72 inches long by 50.5″ wide (38.5″ with the mower deck removed) and 47 inches high. A 49.4″ wheelbase helps with tractor stability and tight turn radius. John Deere guarantees the X330 with a 4-year/3-hour warranty. Matching implements to the X330 are a bagger and front-mount thatcher, 44-inch snow/light grading blade and 44-inch two-stage snowblower.

There are also several tow-behind sprayers and spreaders, as well as several soft side weather enclosures. A 40-inch tractor shovel can be used in a clamshell motion, mimicking a grapple. There are currently $500 savings and 4.9% interest. Zero interest if you pay it off within 12 months.

The John Deere X330 is a great choice for homeowners looking for a mowing machine that is more than what they can get at the big box stores. It would also make a great opportunity to visit your local dealer and maybe even become your best friend.

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