Want To Reduce Your Overall Interest Outgo on Home Loan? Read On.

Home Loan

The proportion of principal components charged by the lender for borrowing principal constituents is called the home loan interest rate. If you do not have any pragmatic strategy in place, big-ticket home loan EMIs can extremely strain your monthly budget. Note that your monthly repayment is often determined by your loan amount, the interest rate on the loan and repayment tenure. You may end up repaying an additional amount on your loan due to poor planning. Thus it is necessary to understand minor nuances which can assist you in saving money.

Know that home loan rates of any lender may be LIC Home Loan or ICICI home loan, keep fluctuating, and even a little variance in rates proposed by the lender can make an extreme difference in your pocket. The following few points that you must note while planning or placing an application for a home loan to avail the lowest possible rate on a home loan are as follows –

Take up credit for a shorter time period.

The loan repayment tenure is one of the major parameters responsible for the interest that you must pay. While selecting a shorter repayment tenure can enhance your EMI proceeds, it can even assist you in ensuring that your principal component is repaid. Interest is calculated on principal, and once your principal component is recovered by the financier, the absolute interest rate paid out lowers slightly. Higher repayment tenures of up to 30 years lower your monthly instalment amount; however, a shorter repayment tenure of up to fifteen years can reduce your thorough interest liability.

Use the online home loan calculator and try distinct combinations, including repayment tenure, principal, and rate of interest, to understand your savings linked with shorter repayment tenures.

Enhances your EMI per year

Ensure to enhance your EMI by nearly 5 percent every year. This can accelerate your loan repayment and enhance your overall interest savings. Such kind of annual increments in your loan repayment schedule can assist you in closing your loans for bad credit NZ before the maturity period. Make sure to explore the possibilities of the advance payment and additional payment terms with lenders to repay liabilities, reduce loan repayment tenure and lower additional interest outgo.

Enhance prepayments whenever possible

On floating interest rate loans, lenders do not charge foreclosure and prepayment charges. So, if you have availed of a loan, try, and prepay your loan and proceed whenever required. It is because you pay a higher interest component than the principal constituent on your loan over the first few years than in later years. Making constant prepayments will considerably lower the principal proceeds, thus reducing the overall interest owed. However, various lenders charge small proceeds on prepayments or foreclosure for fixed interest loans. The amount is generally on a percentage basis. As an outcome, it is a great idea to check up with your lender to get the info on prepayment fees.

Compare and check the interest rate online.

Conduct in-depth research on different loan products before choosing a specific lender to compare the rates. Different 3rd party sites can assist you in understanding the rates as well as the fees incurred by distinct lenders. It is recommended and advantageous to evaluate Home Loan Interest Rates all Banks 2022 across all the loan providers before choosing a particular lender. However, ensure you check up terms of your bank lender cautiously before you proceed.

At times, lenders charge penalties for foreclosure or prepayment. It is best that you understand such essential terms and conditions and determine your loan EMI amount via the EMI calculator before you move ahead. Just place in place the details like loan amount, repayment tenure, and interest rate. You will be able to view not just your EMI but even have an idea of the overall breakdown of your tenure timeline once you have finished the computation.

Home loan balance transfer

A home loan balance transfer is extremely helpful if you feel the rate of interest on your present home loan is high. To assist borrowers and lower the EMI burden on outstanding home loan proceeds, financiers provide the option of the balance transfer. With this option, you can shift your outstanding loan proceeds to another lender at a lower rate of interest. However, before selecting a balance transfer option, it is recommended to thoroughly read the fine print and terms and conditions to know the penalties on foreclosure and prepayment. Ensure to consider shifting your home loan to another home loan lender, just if you are getting a better loan deal in terms of convenience, rate of interest and flexible terms.


Enhance the down payment amount

Most of the financiers finance approximately 75 percent to 90 percent of the property’s whole worth, with the expectation that the borrowers will contribute nearly 10 to 25 percent of the rest of the property’s cost. However, in case you hold additional funds, ensure to pay a bigger down payment amount. Just by paying a bigger down payment amount, your loan amount will be lower, which will lower your overall interest constituent.

Negotiate suitable terms and conditions

Financiers tend to provide special interest rates to existing customers, employees, and borrowers with a pragmatic history. Thus, if you mitigate any of the parameters, you hold the chance of getting a lower rate on your home loan. It is, hence, prudent to work out in totality with the lender if you hold a prior connection with them. Ensure to negotiate suitable terms and rates of interest on your home loan so that you get the benefit of a lower interest rate.

The above mentioned are a few of the prudent alternatives that you can implement for a lower interest rate on the home loan. However, it is necessary to select the correct lender so that you can experience a hassle-free procedure with the best rate of interest on offer.

You may consider selecting a LIC home loan or ICICI home loan, or any other home loan lender as they cater for your home finance requirements in the best way possible. Benefits from such lenders include a lower rate of interest, convenient online options, and a simplified loan journey.

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