Why Is Wine Good For Us? Over the past 20 years, researchers have demonstrated that red wine made from thick-skinned grape varieties such as zinfandel and barbera is beneficial in terms of both longevity and overall health. These benefits appear to stem largely from its antioxidants such as resveratrol and procyanidins – these help protect cells against free radical damage that leads to heart disease, cancer, or other ailments.

As these chemicals can also be found in many other plant-based foods, like peanuts, blueberries, and green tea, wine is often seen as one of the “healthiest” options available to drinkers. However, because resveratrol and polyphenols can be better absorbed through alcohol rather than food sources, and wine has thus come to represent “healthy drinking”.

Research has linked light-to-moderate drinking with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. One study demonstrated this correlation by finding those who drank two or three glasses of wine every week had lower cholesterol levels and 26% less likely to die from heart disease compared with those who never drank at all. But these studies don’t prove wine to be more heart healthy than other alcoholic beverages; their results could simply reflect healthier lifestyle habits associated with drinking wine like eating more vegetables and physical activity.

Beyond heart disease, excessive drinking can also contribute to other serious health conditions–liver damage, obesity, certain forms of cancer and stroke among them. If you choose to drink, aim for at most one glass a day for women and two for men.

The Melbourne Wine Store

The Wine Shop Melbourne is Australia’s premier wine shop, boasting an international selection of wines as well as beer, cider and spirits from around the globe. Additionally, their catering supplies make them ideal for special events or parties; and their knowledgeable staff is always on hand to assist in selecting just the right bottle for each special celebration.

No matter your wine-tasting preference – white, red or bubbly champagne – The Melbourne Wine Store has everything you need to find your ideal wine selections for any dining party or quiet evening in with a good book. They even provide accessories to enhance your drinking experience – not forgetting online ordering capabilities!

This wine delivery melbourne service specializes in offering high-quality wines at reasonable prices, offering wines from around the globe and independent producers, all accessible by phone or email order and delivered quickly and safely.

This family-owned liquor store specializes in premium alcohol and beverages. With an expansive wine cellar, a selection of spirits from small producers, and beer from independent brewers, they serve all Melbourne areas while accepting payments via credit card, direct deposit or PayPal.

  • They offer an expansive selection of wines from around the globe, such as Champagne and sparkling wine from Australia. 
  • Additionally, they carry ciders and spirits to complement their wine selection. 
  • Open seven days a week with friendly staff members ready to assist with finding you just the right wines for any party or special event, this store also boasts an extensive selection of beer.


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