Top elements of Ed-fi Education Solution that Schools must be aware of

Ed-fi Education

The recent Pandemic bought a catastrophic change in the living and lifestyles of people. There was hardly any aspect of life that was not affected by it. Schools had to turn to digitization solutions to impart education to children.

Today it is necessary for all schools to know the principal elements of the Ed-fi education solution. We always relied on the offline education system, but the pandemic caused us to realize that Ed-Fi solutions are necessary, like offline classes. 

Classes, assessments, and assignments being offered online are using digitization and modern tech solutions. Ed-Fi Education solution is an excellent help to teachers, students, and schools for imparting education remotely and keeping track and information on student performance and their data that affect the development and growth of children. 

Google Classroom:

Imparting education with Ed-Fi solution is offered through a medium such as Google Classroom. Google Classroom is a set of tools from Google Workspace, and it facilitates communication, teaching, and interactions between students and teachers. It makes teaching work online easy and helps educators teach the whole class online. 

It provides a digital organizer for storing class materials and helps to share assignments and teaching materials with students as and when needed. It allows without the need for physical interaction and saves paper as well.

Google Classroom is a highly used edtech tool because it is part of the Ed-Fi education solution. 

Google Classroom Features for School Teachers:

Google Classroom is best for educators to:

Streamline and Manage class:

Easy integration with Google tools such as Drive, Forms, Docs, Meet, and Calendar. Classroom management tasks help give students assignments, give them a specific time to submit, etc. Students will have a class calendar. 

Communication with students:

Teachers can keep track of students as to who is doing the assignment and who is not. The educator can talk to students privately and help students with their queries without disturbing the whole class. It allows teachers to give extra support to students.

Organization, distribution, and collection of Assignments digitally:

It allows sharing of PDFs, websites, videos, and class material. Post assignments to different classes simultaneously, allowing modifications to be done yearly. You can contact the manager and modify it whenever required. 


Timely feedback can be given to students regarding assignments and help with assessments. Google forms can create tests and quizzes and do the grading. Such an assessment method helps teachers a lot as their checking and grading are done teachers can concentrate more time on teaching.

Best Modules/ Elements of Ed-Fi Education Solution for School to be aware of:

Ed-Fi Education solution has the three best modules that all schools must know about. They can quickly implement and integrate the latest Ed-Fi solution for their faculty and students.

Ed-Fi Visual Dashboard: 

Ed-Fi visualization has a visual Dashboard that acts as a central platform. The dashboard is easy to use and insightful, intuitive, and visual. It allows access to all essential data about students, ration, assessments, sections, staff, health, and discipline and gives a bird’s eye view of everything.

Student 360

Student 360 gives complete data and details about students all in one place. You can know grades, discipline, absence, schedule, food, parents, and information. 


Edfisolutions has a feature-rich launchpad integrated with Google Classroom that covers a substitute system, assignments, 360 view, absentees and students at risk, etc. And many elements of class management. 

Ed-Fi Education solution system is the latest in an education-centric tool for schools. All schools need to be aware and implement it to keep up with the latest in the education field.

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