Restroom Automation and Management Software


People spend more time in the toilet due to stricter health and hand hygiene regulations. Because of this, the pace at which supplies are consumed varies, making it difficult to anticipate how quickly they will run out.

The rapid adoption of the internet of things (IoT) and connected devices in commercial restrooms has been driven by increased usage, which, combined with the demand for improved cleaning and disinfecting and higher occupant expectations and standards, has accelerated the adoption of these technologies.

It’s possible that the Internet of Things (IoT) and linked gadgets are foreign concepts to those just beginning their research on bright bathrooms.

Innovative Technology for Public Restrooms

Your whole restroom may be connected with the restroom management system. This system was developed in office buildings, areas with significant foot traffic, educational institutions such as colleges and universities, and even major industrial and healthcare facilities.

The System keeps track of how many paper towels, tissue, soap, and hand sanitizer are used, in addition to a multitude of other data points, such as the projected number of people using the toilet, the amount of trash, the amount of time an outage lasts, and more.

In some instances, establishments may see a decrease of up to 85 percent in the amount of tissue waste and a reduction of up to 90 percent in the number of persons negatively affected by towel outages. In addition, 88 percent of questioned custodians said it made them more efficient in their jobs.

This method helps to boost staff efficiency by sending real-time notifications from the specific spot where the issue is occurring. Because the particular toilet location and the dispenser or item are included in the alert, staff members spend less time exploring your whole facility for machines that are either out of stock or not operating correctly.

System Tracking and Analytical Tools Currently Available

The capability of the system to transfer data in two distinct ways sets it apart from all other systems.

The data is transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth from dispensers to collectors. From collectors, it can either be sent to the cloud using your already established wireless local area network (wi-fi) or transmitted using a secure low-power wide-area network (LoRaWAN) that Georgia-Pacific installs.

The restroom management system may be used on mobile devices and desktop computers. The desktop version is meant for managers and supervisors who require a complete perspective of what’s occurring throughout their facility now and over time. The mobile application delivers up-to-date information for custodians and supervisors who are on the go.

Installation Protocols

In addition to managing the whole installation process, the team provides onboarding, training, continuing advice, and assistance on the operation of your website.

The facility leases the dispensers that are used in conjunction with the System. The facility is responsible for paying the price of paper, hand hygiene products, and data administration, despite the fact that the dispensers do not need an initial purchase.

The team will estimate the value that will be created by the system to assist in determining whether or not this technology is appropriate for a particular facility. This value will reduce product waste and the time saved by reducing complaints and work orders, making inventory management more accessible, and limiting unnecessary dispenser checks.


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