Five Benefits of Putting Your Products on Custom Bottle Labels

Custom Bottle Labels

Are you looking for a new way to brand your products? Making your products stand out is simple and affordable with custom labels. They are also excellent for advertising, branding, and marketing. Labels can be printed on any material and in any size, so they will complement your product perfectly.

Continue reading as we talk about the five benefits of using Custom Bottle Labels that you might not have known existed.

1. Simple to Make 

Putting your own labels on your products makes it simple to get the results you want. You are free to use any text, designs, or images you like with it. You are completely in charge of how it appears and what information appears on the label. You can make your labels yourself or through a reputable company like Environ. 

2. Accommodates Your Items Impeccably

Custom marks will accommodate your items impeccably. They can be made for anything, including hand sanitizers, beauty products, food and beverages, household cleaners, and other health and wellness products. You can even print ingredients information on the inside of the label.

3. Proficient Looking Packaging

Assume you need proficient looking packaging for your items. In that case, custom labels offer a more polished appearance. It makes the product more appealing to customers, which leads to an increase in the company’s or product’s sales volume.

Let’s say that the information on a label is incorrectly printed. If that is the case, it could have serious repercussions, such as the product being rejected by your customers.

4. Gives Your Company Its Own Identity & Branding 

Your company is an important part of marketing your business. You can create an identity for your products by using custom labels to make them stand out to current and potential customers. It enables consumers to quickly recognize that the product was manufactured by your company, just as it would for someone who is unfamiliar with brands. Your company may be able to differentiate itself from its rivals thanks to this level of brand recognition.

5. Boosts Your Marketing Efforts 

Utilizing individualized labels for your products boosts your marketing efforts. It’s a great way to get new and existing customers to know your brand and sell more products. The best form of advertising flyers is labels. They can effectively convey what sets you apart from competitors when done correctly.

Common FAQs

How do I measure the bottle for applying a custom label?

The following are some easy measures to take when measuring the bottle in preparation for custom labels, as shown in the following graphic:

Hold a straightedge ruler next to the bottle and measure its diameter. Cut a piece of paper to the dimensions of the label. How do I design a custom bottle label?

Colors and imagery might be the first things to consider when looking for design best practices. At the same time, the labels’ sizes and shapes are very important.

Consider whether to wrap a beer bottle label all the way around to the back or leave it facing the front, for instance. The wrap-around label is a great option for displaying a complex design or a lot of information, such as a list of ingredients or the company’s history. It is typically large and rectangular.

Label for a beer bottle that has been digitally printed On the other hand, the label that faces the front of the bottle will allow the producer to save ink while also maintaining a concise message. It is also just the right size for a logo and contains the information that is required by law. Customers will also be able to see the product’s color because only one area of the bottle will be covered.

A bottle neck label is another option for identifying the bottle in a six-pack. It is also possible to use the bottle neck label alone, condense the information, and take a minimalist approach if your bottle has a truly original custom beer neck label.

Shapes of bottle labels:

Labels for alcoholic beverages come in a wide variety of shapes, some of which are more contemporary than others. Be aware that the shapes will likely influence how the product being sold is perceived by customers. The most common and typical design, square and rectangular shapes, is a popular and practical option for many customers. A strong beer or a robust red wine, for instance, would look great with square corners on the label because they tend to convey strength and power. 

Additionally, rounded corners suggest a gentler approach. When trying to persuade a consumer to purchase a beverage that is lighter or fruitier, it may be best to use a curved corner on a square or rectangular label. Because circular labels are used less frequently than square labels, they have emerged as the most effective method for drawing attention to a truly original product with an unusual flavor or history.

A modern, dynamic, and energetic appearance is conveyed by triangular shapes, which consumers typically perceive as more masculine with an impression of excellence and superiority. They are the best way to show off a beverage with a flavor profile that is complex and has many layers. 

For a personalized label for a bottle of alcoholic beverage, what materials should I use?

The most common choice for a white, smooth, and non-glossy paper label is made when choosing the appropriate materials for a custom wine bottle label. 

Papers with rough, porous surfaces, such as Kraft paper, which can be white, off-white, eggshell, or brown, are another option. These papers are porous, so the inks soak in and produce a muted appearance.

“Wet strength” is also important because wine bottles frequently come into contact with a lot of water and moisture. Polyester labels, like BOPP, are resistant to tears, smudges, and moisture.

Additionally, beer is a beverage that is traditionally served cold; A label that is resistant to moisture is usually recommended because it will be stored in the refrigerator or on ice. For instance, a beer bottle label with a matte finish can be very long-lasting. A glossy finish, on the other hand, is the best way to show off photos and images with small details on a colored label. It will bring crisp detail in a label design into sharper focus and make vivid colors really pop.  

How should I construct a personalized label for a water bottle?

Polypropylene, a thermoplastic material made of thermoplastic substrates, will resist tearing and flexion and provide resistance to heat, cold, and moisture for water bottle labels. Due to its durability, it is an excellent option for premium custom water bottle labels. 

For the production of plastic bottle labels, coated paper can be used, but it is not a suitable material. When compared to uncoated paper, a printed image that is sharper and more colorful can be produced by coating one side of the paper with a dull, gloss, or matte coating. This kind of label can be printed with inkjet or laser technology, but when they are wet, they may smear ink or tear easily.

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