F95zone Winter Memories

f95zone winter memories

f95zone winter memories

1. The Olicts

Olicts, monsters that feed off of human energy, have recently become unusually active. Can Quarta Amethyst, the strongest knight in the Quarta Order, figure out why and put an end to it?

Battle the evil Olicts as an almost invincible magical knight through multiple visually distinct dungeons with your magic wand, maneuvering through various visual dungeons as you face off against their devious traps – some that will test your patience while others that may require brute-force to pass. Your success depends on your intelligence!

2. Lekta Ruins

An evil creature that preys upon humans is beginning to roam your town and it is up to you, the player, to stop it. A stealth survival RPG.

Finding a game you like that requires Patreon funding is often frustrating; seeing as its developer acts as the thread’s administrator just ensures it won’t get posted here. Still a great game though – I’ve been enjoying playing it! Although, sadly some bugs have appeared in my bathroom.

3. Aisha

Aisha is a selfish and superficial girl, often interfering in her friends’ lives by devising matchmaking schemes. Shefali Lamba frequently criticizes Aisha’s arrogance and vanity; when Saurabh Lamba proposes marriage to Shefali, Aisha passive aggressively suggests Randhir Gambhir instead as her choice; only then did Aisha realize Randhir has feelings for Shefali as well! Aisha later finds out Randhir may have feelings for Aisha herself – which led her down a rabbit hole of self-desirement!

Things do not go according to plan when Olicts, dangerous monsters that feed off human energy, become active again. While Aisha and her friends attempt to subdue these new threats, they quickly find themselves involved in an intricate scheme involving mysterious mage Lowen.

4. Yui & Rio

Yui, a female student at Akademi High, belongs to the Rainbow Girls club and sports messy red shoulder length hair that hangs down on her left side. She likes reading books and spending time with other female students in Akademi’s library; however, she tends to get overly attached when men show any interest in her.

In 2016, she gained the Evil Persona, meaning that if she sees or witnesses an act of murder or other violence she will wink at Yandere-chan and commend her before leaving to avoid becoming complicit with it.

At 7:00 AM, she arrives at school and changes her shoes before hanging out with the Rainbow Girls and Kaguya in the school plaza. At 8 AM she heads directly into classroom 2-2 for morning classes; lunch was taken outside the Calligraphy room at 1:00 PM before participating in Cleaning Time from 3:30 to 4:00 PM.

Winter memories consist of only six scenes while her summer memories contain 16; however, winter scenes offer superior image quality.

5. Miyuki

Miyuki Kashima is an extremely dedicated student who always tries her hardest in all areas of her life, including academics. She puts others’ needs before herself. Miyuki takes immense pride in her appearance and works very hard to preserve it – something her classmates greatly admire her for. Torao Nakata, Kashima’s middle school gym teacher and Yasujiro Kashima her father attempt to court due to the latter.

She is always there for her brother and stands up for him when necessary. She truly cherishes being his sister.

Volume 18 shows us that Tatsuya is aware of Miyuki’s feelings for him but still sees her as his younger sister; nonetheless he remains proud and supportive of her, which may cause some irritation for Masato. Miyuki boasts stunning good looks combined with being raised well, which make her one of the most well-liked freshmen at Magic High.

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