Coworking is a working arrangement where employees from various companies share office space. Coworking spaces can help businesses save money by utilising common infrastructures, like office equipment and other services. By integrating technologies, these spaces could boost work-related engagement and productivity. Employers should consider making coworking space a priority as part of their strategies for workplace wellness.

Work-life, bringing more wellness and flexibility

Monday morning is the time to get to Work. It’s not an easy process, particularly after a beautiful and relaxing weekend spent with loved ones. COWORKERS discovered something that will leave you wanting more on the Mondays you have: Work-life London Fields.

The story began in June 2016 when we visited Work. Life at Camden and discovered a fantastic location to work in a unique community and some very flexible and flexible work opportunities we’d seen at the time. We were informed that a few months later, there was a new facility opening within London Fields and decided to visit to see what it was all about.

Key facts on work-life

  • Local-

In the neighbourhood of Hackney and Hackney, it is a short walk to everything: London Fields park, the Lido, Broadway Market and the Overground. When you get to their entry point, you can see an idea of what’s in store for you: a stunning, vibrant, bright, energetic coworking space.

The interior design blends bricks and metal, wood, and white walls. There are also lots of plants, which creates warmth. The two floors are a perfect combination of everything you need to perform your job, including several coworking spaces with varying levels of noise, light and other people. As you descend the stairs, you’ll discover several fully-equipped closed meeting rooms and offices, food booths, telephone booths, and breakout rooms. The interior design allowed each member to utilize their space as they wished.

With this branch, which was added recently to the Work. Life, Family, Work. Life has increased its strength by bolstering local districts. Today, instead of driving to Work, which is often far from your home, your workplaces are brought directly to you—coworking spaces like Work. Life is changing neighbourhoods and turning them into vibrant communities throughout the week. Coworking is an integral part of the trend of creating more happy cities that place the well-being of all co-workers at the forefront.

  • Flexibility and community-

In terms of well-being, Work. Life understands that a flexible pricing model can bring greater contentment and satisfaction, which is why they provide various options for members, such as pay-as-you-go or a personal office. A wide range of offerings draws a wide range of professionals—the community at Work. Life London Fields is a mixture of freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses working in various areas. We had the opportunity to meet members during our time visiting. We found plenty of collaboration among the employees, which is a sign of how strong the community they have. Work. Life organizes a variety of gatherings for the community, making sure that everybody has the opportunity to meet up: through yoga classes, running groups, as well as food tastings or pizza and beer. We were invited to have a few drinks at the bar across the street and were thrilled to see them mingling after Work.

How Coworking Spaces Can Help Employees-

  • Fitness Opportunities-

Coworking spaces are beginning to create an atmosphere of fitness and wellbeing by providing gym equipment, sports facilities as well as yoga and meditation rooms in the workplace. This has led to creating a convenient fitness facility for employees to train according to their schedules.

  • Healthy Communication-

Discussions that are healthy and interactive within the office space enhance professional development and growth. Overall productivity is increased when everyone in the workplace is engaged in healthy and productive business communications. Since employees from different organizations can collaborate in the coworking space in Jaipur , it provides numerous networking opportunities and collaboration possibilities.

  • Mobility at Work-

Employees are more productive when they can change their workplace seats. Numerous large corporations are adopting the concept of mobility within the workplace to increase their employees’ engagement levels. Coworking space in Lower Parel are typically available 24 hours a day and are designed to provide maximum flexibility to employees since they can select their own work time.

  • Work-Life Balance Opportunities-

Wellness services in the workplace for employees aid them in maintaining an ideal balance between Work and life. Many coworking spaces provide various wellness services to ensure employees’ health; they can enjoy wellness with like-minded colleagues in one place. This helps create a healthier workplace that promotes work-life harmony.

Advantages of coworking spaces-

  • Community events and networking-

The most widely discussed advantage of coworking is the potential to meet people you would never otherwise meet. A large part of this is due to meeting new people daily, but the elements of a social network are included in workspaces like WeWork.

Monthly networking events provide a simple method to meet new colleagues and increase your network-building skills. The program of workshops that are educational yoga classes, lunches with catered food and seasonal market events help you turn your connections into long-lasting relationships and possibly create new business.

  • Increase connection-

If you prefer working from home, coworking spaces can provide you with a community of experts and help you overcome the feeling of isolation that comes with working at your home.

Recent research has revealed the importance of seemingly insignificant interactions to the sense of belonging we feel; an informal conversation with your barista, postman, or even your neighbour could boost your happiness. These interactions are the glue that unites coworking communities. Everyone–from the person who greets you when you arrive at the person sitting at your desk right next to you — contributes to the feeling of belonging. In addition to the planned gatherings for the community, you’ll see that the energy of inspiration flows in the lively environment of colleagues.

  • Cost savings and flexibility-

For freelancers looking for a place to drop in or a seasoned team who needs a dedicated desk or private office space, coworking solutions let you pay for just the area you require. Furthermore, flexible agreements mean you can grow at your speed and not be subject to the pressure or rigidity of long-term conventional leases. Flexibility is essential to businesses that are growing.


Our departure from Work.Life London Fields with big smiles on our faces. We were impressed by the atmosphere, the people, and the surrounding. We wandered around the coworking space and came across an alternative side of London with excellent eateries and bars. The only thing we didn’t get was a photo, and that’s a good reason to return.

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