Why Are Tattoos So Popular Among Millennials? A Complete Guide

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With the invention of social media, many people can find tattoo ideas on their phones or computers. This is especially helpful for those in intended industries like tattoos because they can see what other artists are doing before implementing these designs into future work!

The internet is a gold mine for tattoo ideas. From Pinterest to Instagram, every time someone opens an app on their phone or computer, they see new designs that can be incorporated into your next big project! Creative and intricate designs have become popular because people want something different from what’s already out there. Make sure to do some research before you visit a tattoo shop near me.

Why are tattoos so popular these days?

Though tattoos have been around for millennia, the number of artists has increased dramatically in the past few decades. In 1960, there were only 500 artists nationwide. By 1995, there were over 10,000, and the demand for tattoos continued to rise. According to sources, more than 20 percent of adults have some body art. Among Millennials, 40 percent have tattoos.

Why are millennials getting tattoos?

Millennials seem to be obsessed with getting tattoos. But what is the appeal of tattoos for this generation? Tattoos have become a way of identity. While some people may not get inked for aesthetic purposes, others enjoy tattoos’ connection. There are many reasons why tattoos are so popular among millennials.

Although tattoos are more popular with Millennials, most of the population does not have them. There are 49 million Millennials without a single tattoo. The fact is, people develop their identities through family, religion, social lives, and careers. Tattoos are an extension of that identity. However, tattoos can be problematic for a career in law. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, it’s essential to consider whether you’ll regret it in the future.


People get tattoos for many reasons. Tattoos involve painful punctures in the skin and are considered a permanent form of body art. People also get tattoos to reject taboos about their sexuality or express themselves artistically. In the past, tattoos were a taboo subject, but these days, many people have them as a form of self-expression and status symbolism.

Tattooing processes vary widely, but they involve pain, depending on where and how you get them. For instance, tattoo parlors take good care of you but you cannot expect the same from traditional methods performed by tribes. During the cicatrization process in some tribes, the skin is deeply cut, and soot or ash is rubbed into the wound, which causes the skin to swell. The resulting wound often results in permanent discoloration and scarring. Other tattoos are not painful, such as those representing a name or a favorite song. However, in many tribes, the complexity of tattoos reflects social status.


Aside from the cost of a tattoo itself, other costs go along with the process. For example, if you are a happy customer, you should give a tip to the tattoo artist. A good tip for a great artist is around fifteen to twenty percent of the total cost of the tattoo. You will also need to purchase skin care products to take care of your tattoo during the healing process. If you are planning to get a large tattoo, you may consider purchasing more products.

Another factor that impacts the cost of tattoos is the location of the tattoo. Tattoos on sensitive body parts, like the neck, ankles, groin area, and back, are more expensive than those on less sensitive body parts, such as the femur and rib cage. The artist who will be tattooing you will determine the price for your tattoo. However, keep in mind that more expensive tattoos mean more skill and experience.


Tattoos are popular among people of all ages. While some get them as an expression of their individuality, others have them to identify with a particular group or lifestyle. Although most people are adults, teenagers and children also get tattoos, with the permission of their guardians and / or adults. Despite the stigma that tattoos have, more people are embracing the trend. One study found that nearly 40% of American adults have one tattoo.

Tattoo culture has been evolving for centuries, and celebrities are the latest to embrace it. While tattoos were once considered immoral or shameful, they became socially acceptable soon. Previously, tattoos were seen on sailors, pirates, and upper-class people. Today, however, tattoos are seen on everyday men and have become a common form of self-expression.

Final Take

The tattoo is an identifying symbol that can be worn on your body to show how you define yourself. Tattoos have long served as a way for people to mark their individuality while also making it visible in public, but now more permanent options are available! The meaning behind these inked designs can vary depending upon whom you ask. Still, they often have something to do with defining yourself as part of a particular group or identity.

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