What Makes Bamboo-Based Wipes an Indispensable Baby Care Product?

Baby wipes are a boon for parents, especially when they are on the move. Easily disposable, these essential baby care products come in handy during those chaotic moments when the baby makes a mess. These gentle and moisturized fabrics help keep the baby’s soft and tender skin clean and free from dirt and grime.

This cleaning agent is frequently in close contact with your baby’s soft and delicate skin. So it is only natural that you are worried about the type of wipes you use on your child’s skin. Unfortunately, most brands use polyester and plastic in manufacturing this product. It is the same material that’s used to make tea bags. We are sure that’s not something you want to use to clean your baby’s tender skin.

What are wipes made of? Can there be friendlier alternatives?

The materials used in many baby wipes available in the market hold bad news for your baby’s sensitive skin and the environment. The fabric produced from polyester makes it non breathable. They are also loaded with mineral oils, parabens, fragrances, and other harmful chemicals, especially to a baby’s skin. In addition, being a single-use material, eleven billion wipes are disposed of in the UK each year, which is again an environmental concern. So, are there good and safe options out there?

The best option is to use a natural fiber that will decompose naturally and be soft on the skin. In comes bamboo-based wipes. Bamboo grows fast and without any fertilizer or false irrigation, making bamboo fibers an ideal alternative to synthetic wipes. Here are some of the factors to consider while choosing bamboo-based wipes for your child:

  1. Natural and safe ingredients

We recommend that you look out for natural oils such as almond oil, lavender essential oil, shea butter, and aloe vera extract. These will ensure safe and natural cleansing while hydrating your munchkin’s supple skin.

  1. Free from harmful chemicals and toxins

Baby care products that use harmful chemicals like sulfates, phthalates, and SLS could prove harmful to your baby’s skin. You should thus pick toxin-free wipes which are free of harmful additives. They could hurt the baby’s tender skin if left unchanged for prolonged periods.

  1. Neutral pH value

Your baby’s delicate skin has a neutral pH value of 5.5. Therefore, selecting pH-balanced products for their skin is a wise choice. In addition, pH-balanced wipes ensure that they do not wipe up your baby’s skin.

  1. Safe for a holistic cleansing

You can opt for wipes on your baby’s hands, bottom, and face. This will help you offer him a higher standard of cleanliness and hygiene every day.

  1. No artificial fragrance

Artificial fragrances can cause more harm than good. So you should opt for baby care products that use natural fragrances. They may feature essential oils.

  1. Made with 100% organic Bamboo Cloth

This is probably the most important aspect when choosing a natural baby wipe. Wipes made with 100% bamboo cloth will be soft to the touch. This makes it ideal for use on baby skins without causing any redness or rashes.

  1. Free from allergens

Allergens may hurt your baby by causing redness and skin inflammation. Avoid this at all costs by picking a hypoallergenic product. This also makes it suitable for newborns to kids up to the age of two years.

  1. Cleanser formulas

Decyl glucoside and Disodium cocoamphoacetate are the friendliest natural cleansing and foaming agents that can be used in wipes. They are derived from coconut oil and offer a gentle cleansing effect. Be sure to check the labels for these vital ingredients.

  1. Certified by renowned agencies

It is important to check for certifications before choosing a brand for your baby. Ensure that the products have been certified by renowned agencies like FDA and Made Safe. These agencies have stringent testing procedures that guarantee the highest standards for baby care products. If you are an animal lover, you can also check if the brand is cruelty-free and certified by PETA.

What makes Mamaearth’s Bamboo Wipes a good choice?

We recommend the Organic Bamboo Based Baby Wipes by Mamaearth. It is Asia’s first brand to offer Made Safe-cerified products, its products also come certified with the FDA and PETA. Mamaearth’s products are free from toxins and animal testing, which makes them the best choice for all your baby care needs.

These wipes have been made from 100% organic bamboo and are very gentle. They also come enriched with the natural goodness of Vitamin E, Castor Oil, Chamomile, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, and Aloe Vera. These natural ingredients deeply moisturize your baby’s skin while cleansing it simultaneously. In addition, these products have been clinically tested by pediatricians to be safe and non-allergenic. So your baby can say goodbye to redness and rashes.

A holistic cleansing experience for your baby

We cannot talk about cleansing without the mention of baby soap. It is the starting point of cleansing and hydrating your baby’s soft and supple skin. It deeply cleanses the body without drying out sensitive skin. It also retains the natural moisture of the body

This Moisturizing Bathing Bar Soap for Babies from Mamaearth has been specially designed with a moisture-rich crème formula. Its formula includes the goodness of goat milk, shea butter, and oatmeal to leave your baby’s skin softer. The baby soap has a neutral pH (of 5.5) that’s ideal for baby skin. In addition, it is toxin-free and devoid of harmful chemicals like silicones, synthetic perfume, color, paraben, SLS, and SLES.

Say hello to clean and moisturized baby skin

We understand that you want the best for your child. You should always go for products that focus on the goodness of natural ingredients. Opt for safe and toxin-free baby care products (like bamboo-based baby wipes and baby soaps) for your little munchkin’s tender skin. Mamaearth meets this requirement with its wide range of safe and gentle baby care products, including its wipes that are free of chemicals and toxins!

Did you know that Mamaearth recycles more plastic than it uses for manufacturing and branding purposes? Each time an order is placed through their website, they plant a seedling. They have already grown over 3,00,000 seedlings and plants so far.

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