Top 5 Best Places To Visit In Tasmania

Tasmania is around 300 kilometers away from Australia’s mainland and is considered one of the most remote travel destinations in the whole world. This island only has over 500,000 people within its 68,000 km surface. Tasmania may be the smallest state in Australia, but it’s appealing charisma is irresistible to many tourists and adventure-seekers. Let others also know about these places in Tasmania and get the chance to draw more attention to your account. Buy instagram likes and increase your social media visibility.

The island’s natural beauty is an excellent secluded getaway for art lovers, food connoisseurs, and nature enthusiasts. Tasmania can offer you anything from beach outings to outdoor adventures to historical tours. You can either explore this place on your own or have your itinerary pre arranged by travel agencies. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have the most memorable experience of your life. 

Aside from filling your eyes with its natural wonders, Tasmania is also a foodie’s delight. Enjoy yourselves with its mouth watering local treats that you can buy as you stroll in the beautiful port city of Hobart or hang out at waterfront cafes. With its numerous attractions, this island has so much to offer to all types of travelers.  

Before you book your flight, check out the top five best places to visit in Tasmania so you can plan how long you can stay.

Journey To Strahan

If you’re planning your first destination to be in the wilderness, the perfect place to start is at Strahan. Strahan is located on Tasmania’s west coast. This harbourside village is situated along the Macquarie Harbor. From Strahan, you can join a boat cruise through the Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, a World Heritage Site, and savor the scenery with your own eyes.

Strahan is also filled with artisan handicrafts and local eateries. Here are some of the other things you can do at Strahan:

Sailing along the Gordon River

Doing the Foreshore Walk

Seeing the penguins after cruising at Bonnet Island

Getting on the West Coast Wilderness Railway

Be prepared as you’re going to need at least two to three days to do all of these. You can visit this page for more information about Strahan and the rest of Tasmania’s west coast.

Young man trekker hiking on a beautiful coast cliff of Tasman National Park in Tasman peninsula, Three Capes Track near Port Arthur in Tasmania, Australia.

Check Out The Bay Of Fires

For people who love to enjoy water activities featuring a scenic view, don’t forget to include the Bay of Fires in your itinerary. This conservation area is located along Tasmania’s northeastern coast and wedged between Eddystone Point and Binalong Bay. This bay was popularly known for its crystal-clear waters and orange-red rocks.

While the view is spectacular, you may assume that the name was derived from its red-orange rocks, but this is not the case. This bay was named by Captain Furneaux, who sailed on this coast in 1773 and witnessed the fires started by its aboriginal residents. Some of the things you should never miss out while you’re in the area includes:

Witnessing the sunset glow 

Snorkeling, surfing, or going for a swim

Visiting the Eddystone Point Lighthouse

You can complete touring this bay within at least half a day.

Climb The Cradle Mountain

If you’re a proactive traveler who has a passion for nature and climbing peaks, don’t miss out on the Cradle Mountain National Park. This mountain is already one of the UNESCO World Heritage Tasmania Wilderness sites. It may not be the highest mountain in the state, but it’s certainly the most popular. 

This spot consists of ancient forests and glacial lakes. It’s a well-loved paradise for outdoor lovers. Always remember that you have to be well-equipped and trained before climbing to the peak of Cradle Mountain. Its natural rocky ascent is not something you should underestimate.

Some of the best activities you can do when visiting Cradle Mountain include:

Complete the Overland Track

Witness the best views once you’ve arrived at the top

Visit the Dove Canyon

Tour Marion’s Lookout

You’re going to need two to three days to complete your excursion at Cradle Mountain. 

Venture In The City Of Hobart

While Tasmania may be rich in natural sceneries, don’t neglect to bask in its charming capital city, Hobart. Australia’s southernmost capital is worth a few days’ visit as it can offer you numerous harbor views, historic sites, and colonial-era buildings.

Some of the incredible things you can do in Hobart include:

Strolling along with the Salamanca Palace

Visiting the Museum of Old and New Art to witness its immersive, interactive, and proactive exhibits

Relaxing at the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Getting a drink at one of Tasmania’s classic breweries

To thoroughly enjoy your trip in the city of Hobart, you may want to stay for up to three days. If you’re looking for the best hostel for your two-night stay, book your room accommodation at Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse.

See The Wildlife At Bruny Island

If you want to witness the epic wildlife beauty of Tasmania, get on a car ferry ride to Bruny Island. Bruny Island lies on the southeastern coast of Tasmania. This island is the home of many endangered animals and plants. 

The moment you step foot on this island, you’ll be welcomed by spectacular cliff-side sceneries, sea caves, and abundant birdlife. Take the time to pay a visit to Truganini Lookout, a well-known viewpoint. Some of the animals you can see there are fairy penguins, dolphins, whales, fur seals, and more.

The top things you can do at Bruny Island include:

Savoring the overlooking view from the Neck Lookout

Checking the Cape Bruny Lighthouse

Hopping on a Wilderness Cruise 

Sitting down and enjoying their local food while looking at the scenery

Visiting the South Bruny National Park

You’re going to need at least two to three days to completely check out this stunning island and witness all the scenic views it has to offer.

Wrapping Up The Most Epic Travel Destination

There you have it—the top five best places to visit first when traveling to Tasmania. While it may be the smallest state in Australia, it sure is deceptively large, and it has a lot more to show than the top five listed above. So, make sure to pack enough for at least a two-week trip when visiting Tasmania. Also, read up on some travel tips before visiting Australia so you can be well-prepared.

Take as much time as you can strolling between Tasmania’s west coast and east coast. Make sure you’ll have enough time to visit all of Tasmania’s national parks. Overall, Tasmania is one epic travel destination that all types of tourists will surely love.

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