The Rise of AI Agents: BLACKBOX AI’s AI Agents Empower Developers to Build Better Software, Faster for Free

Canada, Montreal- June 5, 2024 – is building the best A.I coding assistant to transform the way we build software. Millions of software engineers/developers use every week. Today is releasing major updates to its A.I. coding assistant that would offer engineers/developers access to its latest A.I. capabilities for FREE.

Innovative Features Designed for Developers:

1. Natural Language to Code is built to answer coding questions and assist you to write code faster.

Whether you are fixing a bug, building a new feature or refactoring your code, ask to help. is available in 52 languages to make it accessible for people around the world to use it

2. Real-Time Knowledge has real-time knowledge of the world, making it able to answer questions about recent events, technological breakthroughs, product releases, API documentations & more

3. Code Completion integrates directly with VSCode to automatically suggest the next lines of code based on your repo context.

4. VISION Vision enables users to upload screenshots of code, product sketches, etc… and ask blackbox to analyze it, convert it to code, etc…

5. Chat with your Code Files enables users to upload and chat with large code files (100s of lines of code)

6. Code Commenting will properly write the commenting for your code files, whether it contains a few lines of code or 100s of lines of code. Code Commenting works for all programming languages.

7. Commit Message Generation will properly write a commit message for the changes you made in your repo files.

8. & Much More…

About Blackbox AI:

The launch of these advanced solutions is the first step in Blackbox AI’s mission to transform the way we write software and:

1\. Accelerate the pace of innovation within companies by making engineers 10X faster in building and releasing products

2\. Accelerate the growth in software engineers around the world and 10X the number of engineers from 100M to 1B’s next product release is in the final stages of testing before being released to the general public. It will be significantly more capable and autonomous than the current state of the product today.

Media Contact:

Name: BlackBox AI



Address: Canada, Montreal

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