Stop Fraudsters from Using Forged Identity Documents with Document Checks

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Fraud has existed in this world since 300BC. It all started when shipping merchant Hegestratos defrauded a shipload’s insurers by sinking the ship but not actually doing so. After that, he also claimed the loss. This is the first documented instance of fraud in history.  With the evolution of technology, fraudsters are also becoming more advanced. Today, using fake identity documents has become one of the most significant issues. Documents check ensures the authenticity of identification documents issued by the government. It verifies the legitimacy of thousands of different document types using machine learning methods, automated heuristic analysis, and human reviewers.

Need for Documents Checks

Fraudsters are using deep fake and artificial intelligence to counterfeit the identities of others. They can harm anyone’s business, illegally cross the border, and incur a significant financial loss by using fake identities. Moreover, fake identities can be used in money laundering, terrorist funding, drug trafficking, murder, etc. As a result, someone who did not commit the crime must face the consequences. So, a proper document checking system is required to verify a person’s original identity. 

Document Checks and Businesses

Every company should carry out proper document checks to ensure the safety of their business. For example, if a firm hires an employee without any background check, he could be a security risk to the company. After being hired, he becomes part of the company and has access to the financial and sensitive information departments. He can steal or leak sensitive information about the company. Consequently, firms have to bear a big economic loss, which can lead to a business crash. 

  • Banking

Banks are the most famous targets of fraudsters for financial crime. A fraudster can steal money from anyone’s account by faking their identity. He can use a fake ID card, driving license, or even a passport to pretend to be someone else. Banks should use ML-powered document checks to validate the original customer’s identity. 

  • Transfer of Land

Where there is land, there is fraud. The Land Registry’s transition to an online registration system has made it more efficient and convenient as compared to the past. Regrettably, it is also becoming easier for fraudsters to commit fraud. Criminals use forged documents to impersonate the original owner’s identity in order to gain ownership, mortgage, or sell a property. Document checks ensure complete security while transferring the land. It verifies the identity by using the original ID card, address, or valid signature. 

  • Education

The education sector is one of the major sectors that are facing document fraud. Fraudsters use the identity of another student to pose as that student. After that, the fraudster can conduct exams on behalf of other students and cheat throughout his whole educational career. Document check technology can compare a person’s face on a document to their physical one. After matching both, it determines whether a document is genuine or forged.

Manual VS Digital Document Verification

There are several fields where digital document verification beats manual document checking. The areas are mentioned below:


Document checks compare a document to thousands of other documents in their database. After that, it checks the visual patterns for comparison. Furthermore, several logic-based checks are applied, such as ensuring that the date of birth is not in the future. 


An ML-powered document checking system can verify a document in seconds, while it takes a day or more to verify it manually. So, document checks are more efficient and fast to authenticate a document’s originality.


A manual document checking system necessitates staff and their associated costs, and it is prone to error. However, automated document checks require only a one-time installation fee, which can save the expenses of staff and their associated things.

Customer Experience

The automated document checks have the ability to improve decision-making and provide a faster response to the user. This can save the clients’ time and make them far more satisfied with their onboarding experience.


Fraud has existed since the beginning of time, and its nature has evolved over time. Fraudsters use fake documents such as ID cards, passports, and driving licenses to deceive a person or a government in order to gain various benefits. They can use forged documents to gain access to anyone’s bank account, educational institute, or company office, as well as to cross borders and sell or buy property. So, there is a need for document checks to stop document fraud. Document checks verify the documents of a person by using machine learning methods. It compares a document with thousands of documents and gives more accurate, faster, and better results than the manual document verification process.

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