Is Kisscartoon Still Alive? If Not What Are Its Alternatives?


If you are a Cartoon buff, then KissCartoon shouldn’t be unknown to you. KissCartoon is an awesome website, which offers simple access for people to watch numerous animation series at no expense. Utilizing this stage, you’ll have the option to watch kid’s shows without registering.

In any case, it may not be an intelligent substitute for the expectation of free streams. That is the reason before serving this site and looking over the content on your computer, tablet, or smartphone; you must learn everything about KissCartoon’s safety features.

What Is KissCartoon?

KissCartoon is one of the many sites providing free streaming content like kid’s shows, Anime, and TV series. You can acquire kiss animation from any gadget which has an internet connection in it.

Is KissCartoon A Scam Website?

KissCartoon is a site where you can watch animation motion pictures and TV series. In case you transfer anything on your site without consent, it will be considered a scam. Furthermore, KissCartoon does likewise.

This makes a ton of harm to producers.However, unaware of these individuals then, purchase another space and transfer their data there.

A ton of their sites are working under the name of KissCartoon. What’s more, a huge number of individuals additionally utilize this site. Even though piracy is a criminal act, individuals utilize this site.

If you coincidentally click on advertisements, a virus can enter your gadget which can temper your gadget or take your data. To stay away from this, you should constantly utilize legally authorized sites.

Is Kisscartoon Safe Or Legal?

It was, however recently, ordained to be not safe. These websites pass viruses on to visitor systems. The website makes money by showing promotions on its website, with infinite pop-ups and page redirections.

Moreover, statements that KissCartoon is safe or viruses downloaded through the ads enabled hackers to utilize visitors’ computers to mine for cryptocurrencies.

Why Is The Kiss Cartoon Website No Longer Working?

KissCartoon was closed down, upsetting a lot of its users. The site suddenly shut down in 2017. Because of copyright issues, the site got closed down. It was exposed by DMCA.

A ton of clone sites were developed about a decade ago. A huge number of individuals enjoyed it noticing free TV shows and movies. However, the majority of the websites that currently exist are phony clones.

KissCartoon Alternative

Morally KissCartoon was risky to use. Yet, the sudden shutdown of the website had a lot of movie buffs and especially, parents whose kids love watching their favorite cartoon programs. In any case, don’t even think about stressing we are here with alternative websites where you can watch all your number one kid’s shows and anime, free of charge.

Best KissCartoon Alternatives in 2022

Here are the top 5 KissCartoon alternative websites.

1- KissAnime

KissAnime is doubtlessly among the best website to watch Cartoons and Anime series. Its interface is similar to Kisscartoon. You can track down all the Japanese anime here.

After Kisscartoon, KissAnime is the closest and best site that is without viruses and safe for youngsters to watch their number one shows. Indeed, even guardians can watch films here free of charge.

2- KimCartoon

KimCartoon is your next most ideal option for Kisscartoon. The interface of the site is direct and clean. You may easily find the new series which are accessible. You can without much of a stretch track to the animation you’re watching.

3- Cartoon Network

For over 20 years, Cartoon Network has been an integral part of everyone’s childhood and kept on turning into a part of children’s adolescence. Indeed, other than being able to see it from TV, you can likewise watch it on the web.

Is it alright for your kids to access it? Indeed! Unlike other sites that include paid promotions with overt content/videos/pictures, this site is comparatively secure and ok for youngsters.

4- Nickelodeon

To stream kid’s shows online legitimately, Nickelodeon is the most ideal choice. The site offers users an incredible method for watching their preferred animation series on the web.

High-quality original content is available both on TV and on the internet.

5- Disney Now

Disney Now is one of the best sites to watch classic cartoon programs. With famous kid’s shows like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, a site most children will evenly like.

Adults can likewise watch famous Disney films and TV shows on this site. The UI of the site is perfect, and most importantly it is ad-free.


Hopefully, this article refreshes your insight on the best alternatives for KissCartoon. Go on, search it on your Search Engine and turn over streaming. Do tell us about the experience. We will see the value of your inputs and fresh insight about these alternatives that we might have left out sooner or later.

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