How to Stop Cat from Scratching Couch?

Your cat may think your couch is his or her personal scratching master, but it’s not safe to let them do that! If you wants to stop your cat from scratching your couch, there are plenty of ways to do so. You just need to find the method that works best for you and your furry friend. Whether you choose sprays, deterrents, or other means of correction, this guide will help you keep your favorite piece of furniture in good condition so everyone can relax on it in peace!

Use cat-scratch tape

When your cat shows you that they have decided that your furniture or another piece of décor is their new favorite scratching pad, it’s time to bring out their inner Couch Master. Purchase a roll of tape specifically designed for cats so your pet will keep its claws where they belong. Just like with human-oriented cat repellent, if your kitty gets used to just one area as off-limits, you can use less and less until eventually, they give up altogether.

Put socks or nail caps on their feet

If your cat is scratching furniture, try putting socks or nail caps on their feet. Most cats do not like their feet restrained and will leave them alone after a few tries. If you are looking for something more permanent, try declawing your cat. While it may be expensive, it is one of the safest methods of permanently getting rid of a cat’s claws. However, if you have an indoor cat, there are many other ways to stop him from scratching furniture.

You can buy him toys that scratch so he doesn’t need to use your couch as his own personal claw toy. You can also put double-sided tape or sticky pads around areas where he scratches often so that he gets uncomfortable when he scratches in those areas. This should teach him where it is acceptable to scratch and where it isn’t—and hopefully prevent future damage to your couch!

Use cat-scratch spray

Depending on your cat’s age, you may have a lot of control over their scratching behavior. To prevent cats from scratching couches or other objects in your home, spray specially formulated cat-scratch deterrents onto affected surfaces. These sprays leave a taste in a cat’s mouth and make them think twice about going near those surfaces again. While not an ideal solution, it works well for young kittens who are just learning that they can scratch certain things without getting in trouble.

Install vinyl panels

If your cat is scratching up a storm on your couch, you can install vinyl panels that are more resistant than fabric. The new flooring will look good and give your cat a place to scratch that’s not your couch. Make sure they have some sort of covering so that sharp claws don’t ruin them or slip between pieces. You can find these panels at pet supply stores, home improvement stores and online. You can also cover an old sofa with material made for scratching posts, but just make sure it stays elevated off the ground so that Kitty doesn’t try to use it as a litter box instead!

Provide them a scratching “outlet.”

Make sure your cat has other inappropriate surfaces to scratch. Cats are territorial and often will mark their territory with scratching. You can help deter your cat from scratching couch by redirecting her attention towards a scratch post or couch master. If you don’t want to pay for an actual couch master, have a look at these great DIY project that provide some tips on how to build them yourself.


If you have a cat, it’s only natural that you want them to be comfortable. Take time for you and your kitty, and get creative about how you let him or her exercise those claws in a way that doesn’t harm your furniture. You may have found these tips helpful in stopping your cat from scratching couch.

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