How to Avoid Inconsistent Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta?

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Managers mostly complain about the inconsistent behavior of the commercial janitorial staff or also known as the commercial cleaning services in Atlanta. Initially, you hire a commercial cleaning service provider. For a few weeks, their service has been great. Everything is neat, clean, spike and span. After a few days, things start to go haywire. You start finding dirt in most unexpected places, the dustbins are not emptied, and complaints like this increase. 

Eventually, you start getting complaints from the employees about dirty washrooms and corridors. As a result, the respective commercial cleaning service provider is informed. They promise to rectify this. Things get better for a few days and then back to square one. The cycle of inconsistent cleaning service continues. This is just one example. Good quality services require consistent behavior. But what is consistency?

What is Consistency in Commercial Cleaning Services in Atlanta

Quality of commercial cleaning services has always been important, but this quality is incomplete without the consistency of the service. The quality of service can leave a good first impression, but the consistency of the service wins and retains the clients. Consistency is all about following the same set of principles till the last breath.

Why is Consistency Important in Providing Commercial Cleaning Services?

Consistency of service helps us in predicting what standards to expect. It’s human nature to have a consistent routine or a set pattern of things. It helps reduce anxiety and increase productivity in employees. So, if their office desk is cleaned consistently, their trash cans are emptied, and office corridors are mopped, the office will have a relaxed environment. And once these services are not provided, they can trigger migraine, headaches, or a bad day hence reducing the employees’ productivity.

Why do the Commercial Janitorial Services Miss Their Mark?

Most Commercial janitorial services do not know how to provide consistent performance and make the customer happy. Let’s look at the few tips to help commercial cleaning services in Atlanta provide consistent services.

What Steps Should the Companies Take to Provide Consistent Commercial Cleaning Services?

In commercial janitorial services, inconsistency is common. Some weeks it will be excellent, and the other days it will be full of complaints. There are a few things that the corporate cleaning services can do to break this cycle and give their best again. Let us have a look.

Regular Training of the Employees

Training helps to reinforce all the methods, policies, rules, and regulations. It reminds the staff what standards are expected from them. Especially when corporate cleaning services have multiple teams, some working through the day shift and others performing night duties, it is important to educate them regularly. This helps in keeping the standards consistent across all the floors. Using the same products and cleaning standards, the company can avoid hazards and service irregularities.

Make Schedules

Schedules help to remove irregularities. It identifies and informs what needs to be done, when, and whom. This helps bring regularity and catch all those janitorial staffs who underperform at their work. The schedules should be mutually developed between the company and the corporate cleaning services. So, nobody is a hindrance in each other’s line of work.


Reporting back once the cleaning is done eliminates the confusion of whether the work needs to be done or has been done.

Build Goals

Goals help to incentivize. They reduce the redundancy that this field of work provides. Goals should also be based on the requirements of the clients. It helps in improving the company’s overall standard. If everybody knows what needs to be done, then the provided services will be consistent.

But if your company is still not happy with their commercial janitorial service provider, you can always try a new company like Jan Pro Atlanta. A company that always tries to give its best and has great customer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the three types of cleaning?

The three types of cleaning are:

Regular cleaning: it usually takes two to three hours and is done regularly.

Deep cleaning: It is more thorough than the regular cleaning.

Extreme cleaning: this happens mostly before new tenants enter, mostly.

There are certain areas that need to be cleaned daily whereas there are other. 

Q2: What are the five methods of cleaning?

Cleaning is an essential part of one’s life. Without cleaning, everybody will remain tired, irritated, and exhausted. TO avoid this, one should focus on cleaning. There are five types of cleaning.




Cleaning and


Q3: What are the seven steps of cleaning?

The seven steps of cleaning are

To scrape anything unwanted

To rinse it

Then use detergent

After that, rinse again

Than sanitize thoroughly

Rinse one last time

Dry it

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