Has Maria B Ever Won Any award?

The real name of Maria B is Maria Butt and her brand is known as Maria B. Her name ranks among the most prominent designers Pakistan has come to know since the fashion industry started flourishing. If you’re looking for the answer to “Has Maria B ever won an award?”, then you’re at the right place. 

In this article, we are going to inform you about Maria B, her biography, a little bit about her brand, and how many awards she has won till now. Therefore, keep reading until last to get the most useful information about it.

Who is Maria B?

The Pakistani fashion designer Maria B is famous across the globe. She goes by the name Maria Butt. Born in Karachi on September 18, 1983, she has been designing for more than 20 years. Now 36, she has been designing for more than 30 years. A Kashmiri by birth and a Kashmiri by upbringing, she lives in Kashmir today. 

She has always been passionate about fashion, details, and designing, and later pursued her dreams. After completing her schooling, she attended the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design and graduated with a degree related to fashion design. Fashion is a sector in which she pioneered innovation and transformation, which definitely merits the comparison.

Design philosophy, constant improvement, and originality are some of the main characteristics of Maria B’s work. It is her reputation as one of the most successful and renowned designers in Pakistan and internationally. Since she has so many clients in Pakistan, her popularity is high in the industry. It is she who is committed to providing the best service to her customers without ever failing.

Has Maria B Won Any Award?

The renowned Fashion Designer Maria B no longer participates in fashion weeks doesn’t seek critical acclaim and is seldom seen at awards shows or celeb-studded after-parties.

However, Maria B has won several awards in the field. In 1997, Maria B won an award in an international fashion designing competition held in Belgium. She has also won so many awards in the field of Fashion design in Pakistan.

Know About Maria B Brand!

Maria B was established in 1999 with one retail outlet and a small stitching unit that focused on providing ready-to-wear fashions that reflected the fusion of traditional and modern styles. 

There are a variety of designer fashions within one brand today, including prêt a porter, couture, formal wear, lawn, embroidered fabrics, linen, and cotton.

It operates 25 retail outlets across 12 cities in the country, including standalone stores and mall points of sale. The brand also exports to India, the UK, the USA, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

Maria B Designs

Her clothes are mostly a blend of vibrant colours and are full of elegance. Her passion is clothing which is why she doesn’t give up on it. When she travels, she gets ideas to improve her designs. Pastels are her favourite colours, and she always makes sure to create them in such a way that they coordinate well with any season. Buy the latest Maria B designs at the House of Faiza online store.

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