Best Whiskies to Sip With A Charred Ribeye Steak

Biting into a flawlessly seared ribeye, where the charred exterior gives way to buttery, medium-rare perfection. Isn’t it like throwing a party in your mouth where the beef is always the guest of honour? What could possibly enhance this experience further? The right dram of whisky, of course. If your taste buds are beckoning for spirited partners in this delectable party, join us as we explore the best whiskies to sip alongside your charred ribeye steak.

The Charred Ribeye: A Culinary Masterpiece

Few things in life match the satisfaction that comes from slicing into a charred ribeye. Its succulence and marbling unveil a richness that’s both primal and luxurious. It’s not just a cut of meat; it’s a sensory expedition, an odyssey of taste. The way its juices mingle with the charred exterior promises a crescendo of flavour. It’s an ideal canvas, eager to meet its whisky muse.

Whisky Selection Guide

You’re probably here because you know that choosing the right drink isn’t easy. With whiskies as diverse as the landscapes they hail from, every drink is like a gossipmonger. Spilling secrets through its scent and flavour. Purchase a bottle from Liquorland and boost your next weekend plans. 

Bourbon Beauties

Bourbons, with their sweet, caramel overtones, are a natural pairing. The velvety spirit that hails from the heart of Kentucky is often oaky, with a touch of vanilla, which can play beautifully with the beef’s richness. Think about a characterful Bulleit Bourbon or the gourmet Woodford Reserve, each offering a combination of sweet and spicy notes that are the palatable equivalent to a fire’s warmth on a cold evening.

Sensational Scotch

The smoky serenade of Scotch whisky, especially from Islay’s peat-rich distilleries, brings a wholly elemental connection to the fire that seared your steak. Lagavulin and Laphroaig offer peaty punches that echo the charred flavours of the meat, while the floral and subtle sweetness of The Macallan can create a charming contrast, bringing balance to the meal.

Rousing Ryes

Rye whisky, with its spicier profile, is a meaty match for your ribeye. Sazerac Rye or the complex WhistlePig can stand up to the robust flavours of your steak, adding a nuanced heat that excites the palate without overwhelming the meal.

Each category has its stars, whiskies that have been aged and blended to perfection. It’s a personal journey of discovery – and it’s always better with a friend. In this case, it’s better with a charred ribeye beside a drink that sings in harmony with its flavour – a duet that’s destined to be delicious.


For those who come to the table to celebrate the art of a good meal, and whisky lovers who understand the complex interplay of food and spirit, this is an invitation to devote an evening to the exquisite pleasures of the palate. Ready your grill and pour yourself a glass! 


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